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Welcome to Final Dimension Hardware Center. This Section Is Involves In All Type Of Automation Hardware Technology, These Services Includes the Following:


Final Dimension Surveillance Systems

Final Dimension CCTV Products are advanced, powerful, reliable, and efficient products for surveillance systems, our products are AHD, IP, TVI, CCTV TESTERS, DOME Cameras , EXTERNAL Cameras , PTZ Cameras , DVRs 4-8-16-32 Channels Tribid, NVRs 4-8-16-32-64 Channels, and POE Switches 8-16-24 Porst. All our products are subject to 2 years warranty.


Final Dimension Smart Advertiser

Enjoy a new type of advertising systems. you can change and update all your advertising images, videos, text, and music in any branch at any time where ever you are, a real time update for all your data through our CLOUD SERVER, All you have to do is installing FD Smart advertiser Device at your company , connect the device to TV and internet, get your cloud account , setup your advertising show, and update this new advertisement to the device by device ID, then the system will automatically update the show in the device. so you will not need to go and change any data any more, the system also can be used to make a play list for music to be played in the company or branch so you can also control play list for your branches from anywhere at any time. And imagine what you can do more….


Final Dimension Phone Recorder

This is a new hardware with a powerful software that make it easy to store all incoming or outgoing phone calls to the device as MP3 files. With clear voice and easy way to return to saved files. All files are stored with date and time and can be backed up to any external device or through network. Stored mp3 files are very clear and easy to use.



Final Dimension Smart Home

Feel the new style of home automation with the smart home systems from Final Dimension. This Hardware and software system is used to control most home devices, as home security, CCTV devices, Lights, Power Sockets , Water Pumps, TV, Music and sound, timers, room intercom, door locks, phone calls, shades, pray time, and more... All these feature can be controlled locally or through the CLUD SERVER from anywhere, so you can control it from your mobile, tablet, and FD Smart Home website, also you can make a program for the devices to start and stop at a specific time and period, or make a scheduled job for some home items.







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