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Welcome to Final Dimension Hardware Center. This Section Is Involves In All Type Of Automation Hardware Technology, These Services Includes the Following:


Surveillance Systems

FD offers a reliable and a good performance AHD and IP cameras all cameras starts from 1MP up to 5MP, Day-Night, internal and external fixed and movable, manual or automatic focal (zoom), vandal proof, cloud service for all NVRs and DVRs, standard power or POE system with POE switches. All devices are FINAL DIMENSION brand with SONY boards made in JAPAN. CCTV service includes installation, cabling, deliver, and maintenance.


Security Systems

Home and office protection from theft is the most important system that all will think of. We offer an advanced security systems includes motion sensors, break detectors, and magnetic sensors, all these systems are connected to main unit which is connected to an external siren and connected through phone line on mobile line to a number of phone number to be called in case of alarm. These system are control by remote control, main keypads, or mobile phones. We setup texecom devices which are made in UK.


Fire Alarm Systems

One of the most important devices that must be installed in the most locations and buildings. Fire alarm systems includes smoke detectors, and heat detectors, all are connected to main device which will alarm the zone in case of fire and call phone numbers that are stored in the device. This system include automatic alarm and manual alarm, the system can also be connected to audio systems like TOA amplifiers to start evacuation alarm automatically in the zone that have a fire alarm.



Time Attendance and Access Controls

Employees are the main company section that needs a good manage. This can be done using time attendance to store status and time of this action that is done by employee. ANVIZ time attendance devices offers a password, card, finger print, and face recognition systems to store employee status. These system include an access control that is connected to electronic door locks to control entrance to some doors in time and employee that is allowed to enter. This time attendance devices can output to text file, excel sheet, or access database, to be exported to HR program.



Smart Home Systems

Technology is always move us to the next generation of life style. Smart home systems is the new generation that is now available and is implemented in some house around the world. This system is used to control all home devices starting from lights, windows, doors, speakers, Cameras, Security, air conditioning, curtains, and more… all these stuff were controlled using touch screen at home, or mobile phone to remotely control home.



Phone & IP Phone Systems

Panasonic is a leader company that make AHS (Advanced Hybrid Systems) that control phones and phone lies in the company and outside the company. This system will allow users to control internal calls between nodes and control the usage of external lines from the users of the system. This systems includes land lines and the mobile line. Panasonic also offers an IP phone system that use the VOIP technology to connect phones using LAN. Panasonic have a very advanced technology IP phones that is controlled by touch screens and offers voice and video calls.



Computer Networks

Final Dimension setup and installs all kind of computer networks. Starting from cabling CAT5, CAT6, and fiber, network cabinets, switches, routers, patch panels, outlets, wireless routers and access points, smart and managed switches. Network setup is being designed by our engineers to make the best solutions for the company needs. Starting from network cabinet installation to the selection of the best equipment for the company.



Servers, Pc, Laptops, Printers, Backup Systems, Data show, and Smart boards

As an IT solution provider, FD offers all computer hardware sales, installation, and maintenance, this include servers, computers, laptops, printers, and data backup systems. backup systems are provided by accordance which made araid systems that are dedicated backup systems with built in raid system. Also we have all genuine Microsoft software. Include server software, pc software and installing genuine anti-virus.



Electricity and Power Systems

Final Dimension engineers can setup and make a structure for electricity systems in home, companies, buildings, restaurants, and factories. This include power sockets, 3 phase power, lights, power control panels, UPS systems, solar power, generators, circuit breakers, and all accessories for it.



Audio and Evacuation Systems

Audio is one of the most important electronics that is installed in many projects like hotels, hospitals, companies, schools, universities, theaters, Cinemas, and factories. Audio include speakers installation, amplifiers, audio controllers, audio peripherals, analog microphones, digital microphones controllers, and advanced managed audio systems like evacuation systems, AZAN systems, music, and paging. Audio systems installed by FD are two types: standard analog systems, and digital systems. FD is using TOA JAPAN equipment's in audio systems.



POS Hardware

FD offers installation of all Point Of Sale devices, this include POS touch screens, thermal receipt printers, kitchen thermal printers, thermal barcode printers, barcode scanners, customer display, 2D and 3D barcode scanners, digital scales. Cash drawers, card readers, data collectors, and sales PADs. Also FD have a special software for POS systems, all are developed in FD software departments like FD Infinity Systems, and FD Fusion. All can be customized to reach customer needs.



Hardware Development This section is one of the best sections in FD that will make any electronic devices that customer needs easily to be build and implemented. This will include hardware, interface software, and computer software. This section also made electronic device solutions that make some dedicated tasks easy and reliable. One of the developed device is FD CPR which it made to record any land line calls and record it as WAV files to be stores and archive in computer to keep all calls that the company made recorded for quality assurance.



Satellite Hardware and Multi Switches

FD offers installation of SAT systems with multi switches. These multi switches can run multi satellite receivers on one dish only, so you don’t need to setup a dish for each department or location that has a receiver. One dish on the roof is connected to on multi switch device with number of outputs 4, 8, 16, or 24 devices so this will save space in the roof and run at the same performance for all receivers.



Hotel Hardware Systems

A new systems for controlling and managing hotel systems, these systems uses smart cards to enter the room and control the room features as lights, temperature, electricity, and more… These systems also manager the hotel room system and other hotel features. The control system can be also used for power saving by control the electricity in the room by the card, so if the card exist at the power switch all the room feature will be active, if the card is removed all devices and light will be offline and the power will be saved.



Automatic Gates, Parking Barriers, and Tubular Motors

Home, hotels, parking places, and buildings are now equipped with a new system for gates and parking systems, these systems uses automatic gates to open a gate when you press on remote control or use a smart card to enter your office or home, also new parking barriers uses the same technology with smart cards to enter building or special cards for paid parking services to make it easy to check in and out to the park and count the hours that the car uses the park.

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